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About Us

Shelbie Henderson founded Henderson Consulting and Renovation. Shelbie may have recently stepped out into her own business, but she is surely not new to the game. She has led renovation projects on hundreds of homes for clients and investors. Her primary goal is offering great pricing and a well-managed project with open, honest communication throughout. She brings to the table a unique passion and keen eye for the homes that she remodels, bringing to life her clients’ vision while surpassing their expectations. Shelbie’s many years of experience and the relationships she has built within the community allow her to take their vision and suggest possible ways to save money. Shelbie has built a team of trusted, dependable, punctual contractors that ensure each job is done correctly. Besides helping clients complete dream projects in their homes, Shelbie has a great passion for renovating investment properties. She loves to take distressed properties and make them a home any family can enjoy. She has often exceeded expectations in getting homes sold quickly at higher prices than expected. When she isn’t blue taping houses and picking out fixtures, she enjoys boating, the beach, trying out new food, and spending time with her 2 boys. 

“As a company, we want to secure the confidence of our clients by making sure they understand the entire process and are comfortable with each step. “